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The magazine report that Fukasawa Tatsuya, a member from Johnny's Jr unit Snow Man is staying overnight at Miyazawa Sae's house.

Miyazawa Sae's agency and Johnny have deny the possibility of them dating.

On the question of whether they think IU and Lee Hyun Woo's relationship can progress into a romantic one, they wrote, "We don't know." Allkpop | Dispatch IU and Lee Hyun Woo have apparently been spotted on an outing together at the movie theater, raising eyebrows with the photos that have surfaced. Just saw a movie together"Source: Star News via Naver1.

Photos of a girl and guy, who are reportedly IU and Lee Hyun Woo, were uploaded on several popular online communities and eventually made their way into the media. [ 180, -45] Lee Hyun Woo is at the height of his career right now where managing his image is of the utmost importance...

Both of their agencies denied them dating, said he's a friend of Sae's brother (← their agencies confirmed that.)2.

A friend of Fukasawa said that they've been dating for a year, Sae is pretty close to all Snow Man members and they even wear pair rings, pair bracelets now.

Bribing people for their loyalty looks weak but if you call it a religious donation it's piety and respectable.

You're not keen on doing your own thing so much and more likely to keep others around you in check if you have money being poured into your coffers.

Princess Bubblegum would be a sex offender if she would get together with Finn. If she would turn 13, Lemongrab would rule the kingdom (In Lemonhope, it was shown that he is, still in fact alive).CB loves her, but he's not in love with her, unlike how Finn and Flame Princess were. I'm not saying anything bad about PB though, but there is a big possibility that she may use Finn to do her dirty work. would be a fair choice, but she's over 1000 years old and she's immortal, so what if Finn dies?She was all wrinkly and stuff, because she is still HALF-DEMON. Also, they're only interested in being friends.Paparazzi photos of IU (21) and Lee Hyun Woo (21) taken during their movie outing have been released by none other than media outlet Dispatch. What do I have to do to be able to watch a movie with Lee Hyun Woo9.According to Dispatch, the two same-age friends were spotted watching the film 'The Terror Live' together at CGV Cheongdam Cinecity in Sinsadong, Seoul on the late night/early morning of the 9th KST. [ 50, -22] Why is IU the only one being talked about when they saw the movie together?

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