Tiny tiny rss not updating

I always get thrown back to although I explicitly try to go to

The seems to be readable by the user http (which seems to be running lighttpd). The wiki tells me to store it in /etc/webapps/tt-rss/. I ran ttrss for some time manually, till I discovered recently that it's in the repos. You just need to install it, setup the database and - that' what took me some time to figure out - edit because of missing permissions.

I was able to download and get Tiny Tiny running in about 30 minutes on Ubuntu.To install TT-RSS, you will need a Web server running PHP (preferably PHP 5, due to some dependency issues) and either a My SQL or Postgresql database server.Your PHP installation must have the appropriate package for your database of choice, obviously, and you will also need the PHP-XMLRPC module.I symlinked like I was told in the wiki: I can point my browser to the installer on and do the steps over there.I created /etc/webapps/tt-rss/and inserted the text created by the installer. I should be able to log in by now but this doesn't work.

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