Who is greg wallace dating

This chef’s knife from Wüsthof is a top quality option for anyone who is serious about improving their knife skills.alongside him for over 10 years and being best man at his wedding, John Torode has said that he’s never been to Gregg Wallace’s house and the pair do not socialise."It's funny, we've never been friends,” he told the publication. "If we do go out for a drink, I'll invariably be at one end of a big old table and he'll be at the other." However, Torode was Wallace’s best man at his wedding to Anne-Marie Sterpini in 2016.

If we do go out for a drink, I’ll invariably be at one end of a big old table and he’ll be at the other.” Torode served as best man during Wallace’s wedding to Anne-Maire Sterpini last year, photos from which were sold to Hello! on Thursday: “I film with John six or seven months of the year, so we are very close to each other physically, and emotionally we are very close to each other.

Still, Gregg is only too happy to defend John – and admits they have an unconventional relationship.

Gregg told The Sunday Post: ‘He got told off a bit by the BBC and by the commissioner and the executive saying he should have handled it a bit more carefully.

She later reveals that it was John who made the first move.

Fresh from denying he’s ‘never been friends’ with his Master Chef co-star Gregg Wallace, John Torode has offered fans more evidence that the pair actually do get on.

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