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It used to be that the longer a marriage lasted, the less likely it was to fail.But in true Baby Boomer fashion, the generation now well into their 50s has never been one for the status quo.According to Relate counsellor Arabella Russell, older teen and young adult children are often expected to deal with divorce better.She says:"Parents often assume that the divorce will make more sense to an older child, but the shock and pain is exactly the same.Be prepared to have the same conversation with them multiple times.Their shock and grieving will interfere with them being able to fully take in all that you are sharing. Attire After a long, unhealthy marriage, it’s common to feel insecure about your body and your performance. Creative drinks, romantically lit corners, and not a hint of neon. It will also help everyone involved compartmentalize life and lust (libertyhotel.com).

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The official data also discovered that there has been a greater rise in divorce among those aged 50 to 64, than younger age groups.

Avoid telling them via telephone and especially resist the temptation to communicate via email. Remember your children will likely be in emotional shock after you tell them your intentions to end your marriage.

They will not be able to absorb everything you say this first time.

"Adult children of divorce feel they don’t have anyone to talk to about it."Citing longer life spans and empty nests, boomers unhappy in a marriage no longer see divorce as something too late to do, researchers say.

Millennials, on the other hand, are pushing off marriage altogether, which may be why the demographic under age 35 is seeing a sharp decrease in divorce.

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