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The new temporary hires, however, were infiltrated by a group of activists disguised as workers, who took it upon themselves to destroy what they called "shrines to racism, bigotry, and hate." Without authorization, nor the real work crew's knowledge, they collected various Confederate artifacts and burned them behind the building, out of sight of the museum staff.

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To set this project in motion, the Cambridge conference will bring together members of the Çatalhöyük Research Project and other Neolithic Near Eastern researchers, as well as leading experts in neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, cognition and material culture in order to discuss and debate these issues. Haddow Despite the evidence for cognitive change in the Neolithic Near East, there has been little specific testing of the claims made.Scholars have assumed that the cognitive changes they describe are loosely linked to sedentism, changes in technology, trade and exchange, increases in amounts of material culture in the Neolithic as a whole, without exploring or testing any specific correlations.It has proved much easier to talk about cognitive change in broad-brush terms than to test specific hypotheses against the data from the Middle East as a whole.The Templeton Foundation-funded project Consciousness and creativity at the dawn of settled life thus takes a different strategy to formulating and testing the above claims for cognitive change and the causes of them.

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