Da brat allen iverson dating

Allen and Tawanna have had a very turbulent relationship over the years -- with Tawanna filing for divorce in 2011 ...followed by a very nasty custody battle, allegations of alcohol abuse and claims Allen was trying to screw her out of money.She said she called him the next day, and he eventually bought her a Lincoln Navigator, which was all the rage in those days.The equivalent today would be a fully loaded Range Rover.As you know, Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage is in jeopardy after she learned he sired a baby boy last year.

Apparently they couldn't find enough REAL celebrities to go on. I guess those two are just gonna have to keep smoking crack until BET launches a celebrity rehab show.

News broke recently that he sired a baby boy with a groupie.

Lil Wayne and Drake have solidified themselves as one of hip-hop's premier duo because of their constant and consistent collaborations.

It don't MATTER IF A FRIEND OR FAMILY, WHEN YOU PUT GAS IN YOUR CAR AND LEND IT TO THEM than return without saying Thank you and on top compare others help trying to make you feel guilty bc you SHOULD OF WENT BROKE to make them happy or honor them oh let's forget kids need healthy fruits and vegetables and I'm sick and just had surgery let's forget I bought you cancer sticks and a beer SMH I believe that's called manipulation and emotional abuse.

UNGRATEFUL FAMILY MY SISTER MY MOTHER In a strong, loving, passionate relationship, sex should be a perk and not a requirement.

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