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This problem is affecting members using both Mac and Windows operating systems.Adobe Flash Player 10 and later versions do not support the following operating systems: • Microsoft Windows 98 • Microsoft Windows ME • Macintosh OSX 10.1-10.3 • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 If you are using one of these operating systems, you need the latest compatible version of Flash Player.

The working solution is to roll back to the last working version.Flash player 9 for older operating systems can be found at those who are using a more current operating systems than those listed above (Windows XP for example) rolling back the flash version will also solve the issue. Uninstall the flash player, instructions for this can be found at Download the latest working version for your operating system and reinstall the player.The downloads can be found at contact Cam4 support if you require additional assistance.Fuji has erupted on average once every fifty years, but the current phase of 300 years of quiescence is not unusual.Still, the silence could end suddenly, with little warning.

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    Authorities could not estimate when the bridge might reopen, and are reserving judgment on what caused the crack.