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Quality of life issues shape our goals and policy initiatives as we look to continuously improve our city and community.

Please feel free to call me at (440) 235-5550 with any concerns you may have, or just to say hello.

The township comprises the communities of Ardmore Beach, Balm Beach, Belle-Eau-Claire Beach, Bluewater Beach, Cawaja Beach, Cedar Point, Clearwater Beach, Cove Beach, Crescent Beach, Coutenac Beach, Deanlea Beach, Dorion's Corner, East Tay Point, Edmore Beach, Georgian Bay Estates, Georgian Heights, Georgian Highlands, Georgian Sands Beach, Georgina Beach, Gibson, Ishpiming Beach, Kettle's Beach, Kingwood Acres, Lafontaine, Lafontaine Beach, Mary Grove, Mountain View Beach, Nottawaga Beach, Ossossane Beach, Perkinsfield, Rowntree Beach, Sandcastle Beach, Sandy Bay, Sawlog Bay, Silver Birch Beach, Sloane Point, Thunder Beach, Tiny Beach, Toanche, Wahnekewaning Beach, Wendake Beach, Woodland Beach, Wyebridge, Wyevale and Wymbolwood Beach.

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Falls of rock, underground streams and mud make exploration of its full length difficult.

Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the wild ducks on the lake.

However, we would ask that you do not feed them, as they need to eat the foods that grow naturally in their environment in order to maintain good health.

Tiny, also known as Tiny Township, is a township in Simcoe County, south-central Ontario, Canada.

The Township of Tiny can be found in the southern Georgian Bay region and is approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) long or 410 square kilometres (160 sq mi).

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