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She brings several years of entrepreneurship combined with international work and study to the field. Brandy's passion lies in the interdisciplinary unification of seemingly disparate studies. Her research interests include online writing instruction, course design, genre studies, two-year colleges and Writing Program Administration.

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It felt like I had come full-circle; I had to leave home to get famous to come back home and actually be worth a damn. What do you think is the key to your continued success? In terms of onstage performance, who are some of your favorite queens to see?The day before my twenty-fifth birthday, my husband drove me to a tattoo parlor and said, “It’s time.” I walked out about thirty minutes later with the nose ring I had long desired.It took two years for someone to email me about that ring, which is a bit of a record, since, as both a pastor’s kid and a young adult blogger, I have had my fair share of people being annoyed, intrigued, and outraged by the things I choose to do.Ten years ago, I appeared in a documentary about stay-at-home daughters: young women who chose to forgo the typical college experience to stay home and serve in a family context until marriage (the perfect preparation for being a stay at home wife). I remember my heart hammering with anxiety as I sat in front of the camera, bright lights shining on my face, and spoke passionately about the value of the Christian family and my place therein.Five years later, I would write a book on the same topic, a decision that I’ve alternately regretted and resigned myself to. ” If I had to do it again, I’d just write a book encouraging young Christian girls from all walks of life.

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