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5 of the most powerful companies in the world have applied the same TELEDOTCOM business model.1.800 MY APPLE, 1.800 SAMSUNG, 1.800 GO FEDEX, 1.800 GOT JUNK and 1800 FLOWERS are 5 of those companies.A customized toll free phone number is Instrumental in any marketing strategy.I am looking for serious investor or partner to come on board a venture of mine I am about to launch this summer.Utilizing the advantage of a unique TELEDOTCOM and a 1800 number with unlimited extensions, his TELEDOTCOMS are each set to be a force.I have businesses that have been setup with global power.My TELEDOTCOM comes with complete business name, toll free matching number and web domain.The majority of successful, large scale businesses and many of the fortune 500 companies use toll free vanity numbers because they are so effective.

Potential clients will typically call a business with inquiries, to sign up for a service, or to place a large order.

" " Don't Tell The Bride: Bridesmaids This is quite literally a two-star dress.

" " How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Robin For when bending down on one knee just isn't enough.

This is a very unique concept that has never been implemented like it will be, and thus will have the potential to bring in large amounts of money quickly.

I am tapped out on all the R & D and need funds to lunch this project, hence me needing an partner or investor or two.

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